Pray Big! is a ministry of prophetic intercession and reconciliation for cities, regions and nations. We are called to go and pray wherever God directs in order to assist local churches and ministries with the spiritual battle of overcoming the presence of the enemy and establishing God’s Kingdom in their domain. 

We welcome you to explore our site and find out more about us: who we are and what we do. These are some of our pages and what you will find on them:

VISION: An overview of our call to the nations.

MISSION: How we go about doing what God has placed on our hearts.

ABOUT US: A short video explanation of who we are (it changes!) and what happens when we pray.

REPORTS: Where we’ve been: video and text versions.

TEACHINGS: Some background info on several of our strategic initiatives.

BLOG: A good way to keep in touch.

MUSIC VIDEOS: Fun stuff, often the clever result of too much spare time!

STORE: Swag, music, books, art.... hey, we gotta support this ministry somehow! You can also donate here.

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